For hurting religion Pankaj Tripathi faces FIRs in the movie OMG 2

For hurting religion Pankaj Tripathi faces FIRs in the movie OMG 2

As the Akshay Kumar starrer enters Rs 100 crore club, let’s take a moment to appreciate the makers for having an Assam moment in this Bollywood big-budget movie and successfully presenting the Assam police a legendary status in Bollywood folklore.In the scene, the local cop tells the main protagonist Pankaj Tripathi that he faces 73 FIRs lodged in different states for hurting religious sentiment. One FIR is in Guwahati. Then the cop says: “Waha (Guwahati) toh tujhe jana hi padega kyunki Guwahati police lene aa gaye hai” (You have to go there because Guwahati police is coming for you).

The movie also showed Assam’s rank as the highest seeing pornography charts where Pankaj Tripathi was accusing the Indian Education department of not adding ‘Sex Education’ in the school syllabus.

With the soulful tune of Hansraj Raghuwanshi’s Oonchi Oonchi Waadi song, showcasing a spiritual connection between Lord Shiva and Pankaj Tripathi, Amit Rai’s spiritual treat OMG 2 starts. Chanting Lord Shiva’s name, Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi) starts his day but the twist turns when he learned that his 16-year-old son is being hospitalized after taking three pills to treat erectile dysfunction.

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