For humanitarian issues, SC forms committee of 3 former judges

For humanitarian issues, SC forms committee of 3 former judges

Imphal: The Supreme Court on Monday said that a committee comprising three former high court judges will oversee the probe and take measures for relief, compensation and rehabilitation of victims of violence in Manipur.
The members of the committee include Justice Gita Mittal, former Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court, Justice Shalini Joshi and Justice Asha Menon. Additionally, IPS officer Dattatray Padsalgikar, known for his exceptional record and experience in various important assignments, has been appointed to be part of the committee.
“It will issue several directions in connection with the Manipur violence cases to restore a sense of confidence and trust in the rule of law,” the SC said, adding that three former women High Court judges Will look at different aspects. of human nature.
As directed by the SC, DGP Manipur Rajiv Singh also appeared before the SC after being summoned by the court in connection with violence in Manipur.
Regarding the investigation of 11 FIRs related to Crimes Against Women (CAW), the Supreme Court noted that the Center has decided to hand over 11 FIRs to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI); So the Supreme Court said it would allow 11 FIRs to be transferred to the CBI.
However, it will also include at least five officers of the rank of Deputy SP, if not SP, brought in from other states to ensure a sense of trust and overall objectivity. Yes, said the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court said that the officers will work within the administrative set-up of the CBI.

Clarifying the CBI’s role in the matter, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta emphasized that the CBI officers are on deputation and hence they will be involved in the investigation process.
The Special Investigation Teams (SITs) assigned to handle the cases will be supervised by DIG-rank officers from outside Manipur, ensuring impartiality and transparency in the process where each officer has six Ss. Will monitor IT to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of investigation.
Addressing concerns about public confidence in the rule of law, CJI Dy Chandrachud asserted that the investigative process is aimed at restoring faith in the legal system. To complement the efforts, an additional monitoring committee, comprising a former IPS officer with extensive investigative experience, will provide further scrutiny and direct reporting to the Supreme Court, he added.
Further, the SC said IPS officer Dattatray Padsalgikar (former Maharashtra DGP and Mumbai Police Commissioner) was identified to oversee the CBI investigation, which will report back to the court.
In relation to the state police investigation, the Supreme Court noted that the state’s statement that it would set up 42 SITs to look after the cases that have not been transferred to the CBI.
“It will mandate induction of at least one inspector from other state police forces. Further, the state SITs will be supervised by six DIG-rank officers, who are from outside the state of Manipur,” the SC said. said
During the proceedings, various parties presented their reservations and complaints.

Senior advocate Colin Gonsalves of the Manipur Tribal Forum Delhi submitted that the central ring leaders behind the violence should be arrested and warned that unless this is done, the violence will not abate.
Senior advocate Maninder Singh submitted that foreign militants are involved in the violence and the victims are not from any particular community alone. He said that these foreign militants have automatic rifles and the main problem is poppy cultivation which provides them with funds, adding that these foreign militants can come back just by crossing the border.

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