For effect of NRC 7 students Union submitted memo to Amit Shah

For effect of NRC 7 students Union submitted memo to Amit Shah

Manipur: “I request all the members to please bear with the House and show the representatives of the seven student organizations of Manipur – All Naga Students Association Manipur (ANSAM), All Manipur Students Union (AMSU), Manipuri Students Federation (MSF), Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM), Kangleipak Students Association (KSA), Students Union of Kangleipak (SUK) and Ireipakki Maheriroi Sinpanglup (AIMS) in Manipur. Requirement of National Register of Citizenship (NRC). In the House and not to cause ruckus when the Governor is delivering the address,” said the CM.
In their memorandum, the student organizations said – before the merger with the Dominion of India in 1949, Manipur had strict regulations on the entry and settlement of outsiders in Manipur and this regulation was enforced by the then Chief Commissioner Himmat Singh. It was opened in 1950. A floodgate for outsiders to come and settle in Manipur, a small state of 22327 which constitutes 0.7% of India’s land area.Population growth suddenly became out of control as indicated in the graph below, where growth is different between valleys and hills.
It is commendable that the decadal growth rate of population for the decade 1941 to 1951 is only 12.08. After the repeal of the Immigration Regulation by the then Chief Commissioner in 1960, the growth rate of the decade increased rapidly. growth rate.
This increase can only be explained by migration from neighboring countries and states and cannot be explained by natural birth. When the composition of the population is examined on the basis of the mother tongue spoken, one concludes that the immigrants are mostly tribals from neighboring Myanmar, Nepalis from Nepal and Muslims from Bangladesh. That now there is a separate force in Jiribam district. Bordering Assam.
In Tripura, Hindus were the main migrants from the former East Pakistan and Bangladesh and most of the Muslim migrants from that country arrived in Assam and Manipur and some settled in Nagaland.

The people of Manipur have been demanding the updating and implementation of the NRC through the records available in Assam, 1951 marks the twentieth year since Manipur joined the Union of India on 15 October 1949.
Therefore, we demand that the NRC in Manipur be updated with 1951 as the base year. Our demands are strictly based on the need for survival of small communities in the region and state.
“Manipur, as you are well aware, consists of about 90 per cent hills where land cannot be purchased by non-STs, while the valley has a population density of 730 as per 2011 census and our growing non-ST population. will not be able to cater to the countrymen. Need to cater to the population first,” the interior minister said in the memo.
This overpopulation affects the hills as many aliens live there as sharecroppers and it will be difficult to remove them later.
A report last year showed an explosion in the number of new villages in the state, with many seeking recognition from the government. It said that apart from the existing 2803 villages, another 996 villages are seeking fresh recognition.

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