For disrespecting Salang Chadar, FIR filed against AIUDF supremo

For disrespecting Salang Chadar, FIR filed against AIUDF supremo

Guwahati: An FIR has been lodged against All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) supremo and MP Badruddin Ajmal over the controversy surrounding him throwing away the revered ‘Salang Chadar’, a symbol of deep respect in Assamese culture.

Ajmal was attending a public rally at Laharighat in Morigaon district, where he threw away the Salang Chadar that on his shoulder, while on stage in front of everyone.

Today members of the Asom Satra Mahasabha lodged an FIR against Ajmal at the Morigaon Sadar Police Station, where they have accused the AIUDF presidet of insulting the Assamese nation by his actions in full public view. The organisation’s president Bimal Chandra Barkakati lodged the FIR today against Ajmal.

“Being a public representative, he has thrown away the piece of cloth which we use in our religious activities. With this, he has sought to insult our religion and the Assamese Hindu society. This will lead to communal tensions and this will create problems in society.

To stop such kind of communal tensions, today we have lodged an FIR at the Morigaon Sadar police station. Action should be taken so that such activities are not repeated again,” said Barkakati.

This latest controversy comes hot on the heels of Ajmal’s previous remarks on November 11, where he faced severe criticism for advocating violence against video journalists. The Central Margherita Muslim Committee condemned Ajmal’s statements, labeling him as the “most controversial person of our country.”

Mohammed Toufik Khan, the general secretary of the Central Margherita Muslim Committee, expressed his disappointment, emphasizing that as a Member of Parliament and an Islamic theologian, Ajmal should uphold the dignity of his position. Khan denounced Ajmal’s language as reminiscent of “Goonda and Mawaali,” terming it unacceptable.

The controversy erupted when Ajmal declared on November 10 that he would handle any case involving the beating of a video journalist and pledged to cover any financial expenses associated with such incidents.

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