Firestorm on social media after Rakhi Sawant remarks on Nagaland

Firestorm on social media after Rakhi Sawant remarks on Nagaland

Kohima: Bollywood actor Rakhi Sawant, known for her outspoken nature and frequent controversies, recently found herself embroiled in yet another dispute due to her remarks targeting the Northeast state of Nagaland.

Upon her return from Dubai, the actress faced severe backlash for her derogatory comments about Nagaland.

Reports circulating online suggest that during a media interaction, Rakhi Sawant made insensitive comparisons between the scenic hills of Nagaland and her own physical attributes.

“Don’t focus solely on my ‘oops’ moments. You only pay attention to my ‘Karan Arjun’ (referring to her breast area) and Nagaland. Why do you do this? Every time I see social media, the camera angles are in the wrong place.

This is not right. As an Indian citizen, I will come to India, not Nagaland. This is my country, and I will only come here,” she was quoted as saying.

Rakhi’s remarks sparked widespread outrage among netizens on various social media platforms.

Many condemned her comments as disrespectful and offensive.

A user commented on a YouTube video, stating, “She is the queen of controversy…she says such things deliberately to stay in the media and remain relevant…there’s no need to take her seriously…she did it intentionally.”

Another user expressed, “Let her live with that understanding. We already have enough problems.”

Yet another user wrote, “I don’t know what the government does…but Rakhi Sawant, please don’t come to Nagaland.”

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