FIR against UK based professor for inciting clash, KSO condemned

FIR against UK based professor for inciting clash, KSO condemned

IMPHAL: The Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO) of Delhi & NCR has condemned what it describes as a frivolous complaint filed against Professor Uday Reddy by an unidentified complainant.

The complaint accuses Professor Reddy of inciting tensions in Manipur through his online platforms.

In a statement, the KSO expressed solidarity with Professor Reddy.

Thangminjoy, the secretary of information & publicity for the KSO, stated that the complaint appears to be a deliberate attempt to silence Professor Reddy’s objective presentations on the history and realities of the Kuki and Meitei communities in Manipur.

Thangminjoy stated that Professor Reddy’s efforts have been focused on educating Kuki youth about their heritage and rights, which has evidently challenged certain political agendas.

“Professor Uday Reddy, through his X (formerly known as Twitter) handle @Kautilya33, has consistently presented unbiased views and the authentic history of both the Kuki and Meitei communities of Manipur. His objective and factual discourse has evidently threatened Meitei propagandists who find themselves unable to counter his truths with their misinformation,” stated Thangminjoy.

Thangminjoy further asserted that the actions against Professor Reddy not only infringe upon his freedom of speech but also aim to suppress the educational empowerment of the tribal Kuki community.

The KSO has demanded that authorities withdraw the complaint immediately, highlighting it as a tactic to intimidate voices of truth.

They have called upon all concerned individuals and organizations to stand against such unjust actions and support the rights of all communities in Manipur.

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