Fee structure of state colleges reviewed by Meghalaya government

Fee structure of state colleges reviewed by Meghalaya government

SHILLONG: The Meghalaya government is set to establish a committee tasked with scrutinizing the fee structures of educational institutions across the state, with a particular focus on government-aided schools and colleges.

The primary objective of this initiative is to establish both minimum and maximum fee limits.

Meghalaya education minister Rakkam A Sangma announced this decision on Thursday (March 07), emphasizing that while the state government does not aim to reduce fees, it seeks to ensure affordability, especially for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sangma highlighted examples of fee structures in various colleges, citing instances such as Kiang Nangbah Government College, St Anthony’s College, Tura Government College, and St Mary’s College, among others.

He noted significant variations in fees across institutions, underscoring the need for standardized regulations.

Acknowledging the financial support provided by the Meghalaya government to many colleges, Sangma stressed the importance of ensuring transparency and fairness in fee regulations, without allowing commercial interests to influence education.

The Meghalaya minister also addressed the demand for the regularization of SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) teachers, expressing concerns over the potential financial burden it may impose.

While exploring avenues to address the concerns of SSA teachers, Sangma ruled out immediate regularization due to the substantial financial implications involved.

Regarding teacher vacancies in SSA schools, Sangma announced measures to halt appointments in schools with zero enrolment and prioritize recruitment in schools with significant student populations.

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