ECC warns Meghalaya government to dismantle 29 coke plants in Elaka Sutnga area


Shillong: The Environmental Coordination Committee (ECC), which is at the forefront of demanding closure of coke plants in Sutnga area of East Jaintia Hills District, has warned Meghalaya government that if 29 coke plants are not removed, If it goes, it will have serious consequences. If the state tries to legalize coke plants in the area.

“This is a message from the residents of the area that if the government tries to legalize these coke plants, it will destroy the results in the area,” Reading War, the ECC’s legal adviser, told reporters.

The ECC also urged the Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB) to take necessary steps for environmental rehabilitation, fines and compensation. War also appealed to residents affected by the coke oven plants to come forward with their grievances and claim compensation.

The ECC said that with the MSPCB office in Shillong, they would not be aware of the situation because the smoke from these plants is at night. Jang added, “(MSPCB) should immediately send its personnel to spend the night in areas where these plants are located, such as Hundred Kilo, Umpleng and Umtyra, so that they can monitor the coke units.” Who are spreading harmful pollutants into the environment, “War added. .
Earlier, the MSPCB had issued notices to shut down 29 illegal coke plants in Elaka Sutnga and also refused the consent of these 29 units. The ECC has now asked the Chief Minister, the concerned regulatory department and the MSPCB to issue directions to the owners of these 29 units to dismantle the factories as they believe that these plants are not there. Necessary and useless because they are willing to work.

He also asked the MSPCB to provide the coordinates or location of those coke plants which obtained consent to work before the notification issued on December 23, 2020 (CTO), even if MS The PCB had threatened strong protests if it tried to manipulate the right place.

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