East Arunachal Pradesh affected by rains, landslides, highways blocked.


Tinsukia: A week of continuous rains has caused soil saturation on the slopes of mountainous terrain in Arunachal Pradesh’s Dibang Valley and Lohit district, which has completely disrupted traffic due to landslides.

Prolonged torrential rains caused landslides in many parts of NH-13 and NH-313, causing rocks to fall and roads to be blocked. However, no untoward incident was reported during the landslide.
National Highway 13 – formerly known as NH 229 and NH 52, and National Highway 313 – NH 13 is a fast-moving, strategically important highway that serves China’s Western Theater Command in the eastern sector of India. Increases the capabilities of the Indian Army in countering the threat of Of actual control.

Taking note of the situation, the district administration of Lohit district has issued a traffic advisory.

All concerned are informed that the risk of landslides has increased due to incessant rains for the last one week due to which Meanwhile, several incidents of road blockage have been reported. Roads are unsafe for traffic and pose a threat to human life, health and safety, “the advisory said.

Therefore, the general public is advised to refrain from traveling on the Tohangam and Brahmakund Tri-junction road for the next 72 hours. Will remain closed, “the advisory wrote.

In a similar advisory, the Deputy Commissioner of Dibang Valley requested all concerned to refrain from traveling on NH 313 on Anini-Roing Road for the next 72 hours.

Although monsoon rains cause landslides every year, increasing economic activity and climate crisis are increasing the risk, especially in the fragile upper reaches of Arunachal Pradesh, the Eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats, among others.

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