Dy CM Presotne Tynsong appeals to HNLC, govt is ready for talks

Dy CM Presotne Tynsong appeals to HNLC, govt is ready for talks

Shillong: The Meghalaya government has appealed to the state’s banned militant outfit Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) to return and be part of the dialogue with the central and state governments.
Appealing to the HNLC, Deputy CM Presotne Tynsong said the government has already made its intentions clear to the HNLC leadership and so far it is only a formality between the two parties.
“Formal talks have taken place only once, before that there have been so many informal talks at my level, formal talks have taken place once.
In this formal discussion, both the central and state governments have requested the members of the HNLC to please allow the discussion to continue, as decisions should only be taken by top leaders.
On the government side, the central and state governments have already appointed negotiators, they have been given full authority by the central government,” the deputy CM said while talking to reporters.

“What I am trying to tell is whatever we discussed in the last formal meeting we said ok since you cannot say anything right now, go back and share with your top leaders and our opinion from the government side (both Centre and state) is very clear, the moment they are ready, please come back the door is open for talks,” Tynsong said urging upon HNLC to continue with the talks and bring peace in the state.

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