During combing operation in Manipur 27 automatic weapons seized

During combing operation in Manipur 27 automatic weapons seized

Manipur: Security forces conducted joint combing operations in sensitive areas in both Hills and Valley sectors of Manipur on June 7 and recovered automatic weapons seized during the violence in Manipur.
“Combing operations are aimed at de-escalating tensions between communities through physical control, apart from recovering confiscated weapons that are still in the illegal possession of the local population.
The security forces are continuously working to curb violence and disarm the society through sustained confidence-building measures among all sections of the society,” an official statement read.
It added that local people were urged to voluntarily surrender illegal/confiscated weapons before the search of houses, forests and fields in the hills along the two valleys began.
“In today’s search operations, 29 weapons (of all types – mostly automatic), mortars, grenades, small arms ammunition, and war stores were recovered,” it added.
Adequate measures were taken to ensure that local people were not harassed during these operations, the statement said.


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