Diwali firecrackers turned into dangerous fire, property destructed

Diwali firecrackers turned into dangerous fire, property destructed

Agartala: The joyous celebration of Diwali took a devastating turn for one Bishal Deb and his family as their residence located in the Masterpara area in Agartala was reduced to ashes last night.

The fire, allegedly sparked by a firecracker, quickly consumed the house, leaving behind only charred remnants.

Bishal has said that the fire originated from a firecracker that landed in one of the rooms. Despite the family’s immediate efforts to control the flames, the fire spread rapidly, prompting them to alert the local community.

Upon hearing the distress calls, residents of the Masterpara area rushed to the scene and joined forces to combat the fire. Simultaneously, two fire engines were dispatched promptly, but regrettably, the inferno had already engulfed the entire house upon their arrival.

Efforts to control the blaze were arduous, with neighbors and firefighters working tirelessly to bring the situation under control. Fortunately, their collective efforts prevented the fire from escalating into a more extensive catastrophe, saving Masterpara from a potential major fire incident.

He estimated the financial loss caused by the fire to be between Rs 12 lakh. The exact cause and the extent of the damage will be further investigated by relevant authorities.

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