Despite weather, regional challenges Meghalaya ready for elections

Despite weather, regional challenges Meghalaya ready for elections

Shillong: With the elections just days away, the Meghalaya State Election Commissioner has taken stock of the election preparations and highlighted some of the challenges that could pose difficulties.
Regarding the non-motorized polling stations in the Khasi Hills, Meghalaya Chief Election Commissioner BDR Tiwari emphasized the unique challenges posed by the region’s climate and terrain.
Tiwari highlighted that Meghalaya, being a mountainous region that experiences heavy rainfall, faces several climatic and geographical constraints.
However, despite these challenges, the election authorities are fully equipped and ready to deal with them effectively.

Tiwari revealed that there are approximately 50 polling stations in the region that cannot be accessed by vehicles due to their non-motorable nature. Despite this limitation, he assured the public that preparations have been made to ensure that the electoral process proceeds smoothly.

He reiterated the authorities’ readiness to confront adverse weather conditions, emphasizing their commitment to conducting the elections without hindrance.

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