Delay in frontier Naga issue, ENPO demands action before LS polls

Delay in frontier Naga issue, ENPO demands action before LS polls

Kohima: The Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO) has issued a press statement expressing concern over the delay in finalizing the Framework Agreement on the Naga Issue (FNT).
The organization said the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had submitted the outline of the draft MoS for FNT to the state government in December 2023, with a deadline of December 31 that year for feedback.
However, despite promises by the MHA and the Government of India to address the FNT before the implementation of the Election Model Code of Conduct (EMCC), ENPO revealed that the state government has yet to give its input on the draft to the central government.
The delay has dealt a major setback to the FNT process, stalling its completion before the announcement of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

In response to this impasse, the Eastern Nagaland public has taken a decisive stance, opting to abstain from participating in the upcoming elections. The ENPO attributes this decision directly to the failure of the state government to fulfill its obligation of submitting feedback on the highlights of the draft MoS to the Government of India.

“This delay in the settlement of FNT is unacceptable, especially given the commitments made by the MHA and the Government of India,” remarked a spokesperson for the ENPO. “The Eastern Nagaland community has shown its resolve by abstaining from the electoral process, sending a clear message that the timely resolution of the Naga issue is paramount.”

The ENPO has urged both the State Government and the Government of India to expedite the process and prioritize the settlement of the FNT. The organization emphasizes that the aspirations of the Eastern Nagaland people must not be overlooked or delayed any further.

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