Cybercrime mastermind arrested in Morigaon by Assam Police

Cybercrime mastermind arrested in Morigaon by Assam Police

Assam Police arrested a cyber criminal mastermind from Morigaon district on March 16.

According to the police, the accused was identified as Dhani alias Mukshidul Islam, who collected crores of rupees through OTP and fake SIM cards.
Muksidul Islam is a resident of Moirabri under Morigaon district.

Muksidul Islam was involved in cybercrime for a long time.

The operation was led by Additional Superintendent of Police, Morigaon Crime Branch, Samiran Baishya.
Speaking to the media, the Additional SP said, “We have been conducting operations against cyber criminals for a long time, and now one Muksidul Islam has been arrested… We have recovered several PAN cards and Aadhaar from his phone. Cards have also been recovered.”

“We used to take loans using other people’s Aadhaar cards and PAN cards,” he added.
Assam Police arrested three cybercriminals in Moirabari under Morigaon district on February 24. Apart from this, some objectionable items were also seized from their possession.

The notorious cybercriminals were arrested by Morigaon police after a search operation at Xogunbari in Moirabari, Morigaon on Friday night.
Isahaque Ali, Rabbul Islam and Gyass Uddin have been identified as cybercriminals. The house of the three accused is in Xogunbari village of Moirabari.

In their possession are 11 mobile phones, a Pulsar bike with registration number AS-02A-H5609, and a total of 1,720 SIM cards.
Specific information received by the police prompted a search operation. The search operation started in the evening and continued till 12 midnight.
Talking to the media about this entire operation, the police officials said that we have arrested a total of 4 persons, a total of 1702 SIM cards have been recovered from the house of the two arrested persons, we are currently analyzing all the SIM cards. are doing and trying to figure them out. Which company do these SIM cards belong to? On initial investigation, we found that this group is selling these SIM cards on e-commerce platforms like Zomato, Swiggy etc. This gang has been operating in Moira Bari for a long time.”
The three persons are currently being interrogated at the Moirabari police station.
Morigaon district police arrested two cyber criminals in December last year, and seized a large number of objectionable items from their possession.

The arrested couple have been identified as Abdul Ajiz and Abdul Mazit. He was caught during an intelligence-based operation.
During the search, the police found 262 SIM cards, 31 ATM cards, 9 PAN cards, 8 voter ID cards and a check book. Apart from this, the police recovered a printer, five mobile phones, two laptops and a Wi-Fi device from their possession.

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