Custodial awful death case in Tinsukia jail, family demands justice

Custodial awful death case in Tinsukia jail, family demands justice

Guwahati: A family’s search for truth and justice has intensified after shocking new details emerged about a custodial death at Tinsukia District Jail. Leela Kar, who was in custody since 11 May 2022, died on 22 June 2022.
Initially, the police informed the family about the reason for his death. However, a recently discovered three-page letter contradicts his explanation. A letter written by a fellow inmate who shared a cell with Leela Kar has cast doubt on the accuracy of the initial reports.
In response to which the family of the deceased has taken action. They have written to various authorities including Human Rights Commission, Chief Judicial Magistrate of Tinsukia, Women’s Commission, Deputy Commissioner of Tinsukia, Superintendent of Police, and Chief Minister of Assam. Their letters call for a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding Leela Kar’s death.
The family alleged that the first investigation was flawed and pointed the finger at Tinsukia District Jail Principal Utpal Duvara, Jail Commander Parveen Tamuli and Rituraj Chetia as responsible for the death.
According to Leela Kar’s nephew Pradeep Das, Leela had informed the police about her illness, but her concerns were allegedly ignored. Despite a doctor recommending that he be shifted to the Civil Hospital in Tinsukia, necessary steps were allegedly not taken in the jail premises. This alleged negligence, as claimed by the family, is believed to have led to Leela Kar’s death.

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