Crime percentage, forthcoming cases decrease in Assam in most recent one year: Police


Assam Police said the normal crime percentage and furthermore the quantity of forthcoming cases have impressively gone down in the state during the last year.

Guwahati, The typical crime percentage and the quantity of forthcoming cases have declined impressively during the most recent one year, police has said.

The typical crime percentage per lakh populace was 384 last year and it has boiled down to 222 this year, Additional Director General of Police (CID) AVY Krishna has said.

He said that the quantity of forthcoming cases, which were 1,09,081 in May 2021, has declined to 83,947 in April 2022.

The typical month to month enrolment of cases has boiled down to 6,247 this year from 11,103 last year, Krishna added.

An aggregate of 28,400 cases have been discarded in the main quarter of 2022 as against 24,159 in the relating time frame the year before.

On the conflict against drugs, the official said that Assam Police has captured 4,838 medication dealers and held onto booty worth Rs 548.53 crore since the Himanta Biswa Sarma government came to drive in May the year before.

A sum of 94 kg of heroin, 22,348 kg of hashish, 187 kg of opium, 38 lakh Yaba and different tablets, 2.2 lakh hack syrup bottles, 0.31 kg of cocaine and a money measure of Rs 2.4 crore alongside 320 vehicles have been seized and 648 bighas (84.24 hectares) of opium development and 32 bighas (4.16 hectares) of weed development annihilated.

Around 53 lakh Burmese betel nuts have been seized and 182 individuals captured, he said.

In the battle against illegal exploitation, 104 charged have been captured and 250 individuals safeguarded from Kerala, Maharashtra, Sikkim and different states over the most recent one year, he said.

An aggregate of 9,454 cow-like creatures have been saved and 992 bootleggers captured and their 417 vehicles seized, Krishna said.

Fines adding up to Rs 48.93 crore have been gathered for infringement of Motor Vehicles Act.

He said the 24×7 Citizen Financial Cyber Fraud Reporting and Management System run by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has been effective in recuperation of 33.1 percent of the swindled sum.

Thus, Assam was among the best five states in the nation as far as recuperation of swindled cash, he said.

IGP Vigilance and Anti-Corruption, Surendra Kumar, said that arguments have been enrolled against 29 individuals, including 28 community workers, and 20 have been captured and Rs 24.42 lakh seized during search tasks.

Somewhere around 47 claimed hoodlums have been gunned somewhere near the police and 113 others harmed while endeavoring to escape from guardianship or going after the law masters since Sarma government accepted power in May a year ago.

These ‘experiences’ have made a political furore in the state, with the resistance marking Assam Police as ‘combative’ and blaming it for enjoying ‘open killings’. The main clergyman, nonetheless, has advocated police activity and said that severe move will keep on being initiated against hoodlums under the ambit of regulation.

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