COTU reaffirms demand of separate administration in Kangpokpi

COTU reaffirms demand of separate administration in Kangpokpi

Imphal: On Saturday, the Manipur Kuki-Zo community reiterated its call for Separate Administration (SA) through the formation of a Union Territory with legislature under Article 3 of the Indian Constitution.

The decision was made during a public meeting organized by the Committee on Tribal Unity (COTU) at Kangpokpi district headquarters to mark the 9th Remembrance Day.

Despite adverse weather conditions, the gathering witnessed a significant turnout representing diverse sections of society, all expressing concern about their well-being amidst an escalating communal conflict, as stated by COTU, a tribal group based in Kangpokpi.

The public meeting was attended by Minister Nemcha Kipgen and MLA Haokholet Kipgen. According to Kaiminlen Sitlhou, COTU spokesperson, the assembly unanimously resolved to assert the Kuki-Zo people’s demand for separate administration from Manipur. Additionally, they pledged a strong response against any aggression encroaching into the Kuki-Zo dominated area.

In a significant move, the Kuki-Zo community decided to enlist Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh, MP Leishemba Sanajaoba, and COCOMI as co-sponsors of war against the Kuki community.

Moreover, the Manipur Kuki-Zo community expressed its opposition to the Centre’s decisions on border fencing and Free Regime Movement in the border areas. COTU emphasised their endorsement of the United People’s Front (UPF) and Kuki National Organization (KNO) in their political negotiations with the Centre.

Contrasting their approach with that of some majoritarian communities, COTU leaders highlighted their commitment to upholding the ideals of the Rule of Law in achieving their political aspirations within the framework of the Indian Constitution.

During discussions on the aspirations of the Kuki-Zo people, Minister Nemcha Kipgen reassured the community that Kuki-Zo representatives are unified in their quest for political goals.

MLA Haokholet Kipgen underscored the historical context of the demand for separation, tracing it back to the 1828 Treaty of Yandabo.

He alleged attempts by the majoritarian community to undermine the Kuki-Zo people’s patriotism, including burning historical records from state archives.

Lunthang Haokip, former MDC and executive member of Sadar Hills Chief’s Association, declared that incumbent CM N Biren Singh, who took the Oath of Allegiance with the Arambai Tenggol on January 24, 2024, at Kangla Fort, has lost moral rights to be Chief Minister of the Kuki-Zo communities.

The meeting concluded with a reaffirmation of the Manipur Kuki-Zo community’s commitment to constitutional principles in pursuing their political aspirations of a separate administration.

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