Congress MLA suspended from Assam Assembly, party walks out


Guwahati: Congress MLA Nurul Huda was suspended from the Assam Assembly for some time on Wednesday after he made a fuss against Speaker Biswajit Daimary , who stopped him during the Question Hour to ask his question. Was directed.

He did not leave the house even after being suspended, so the marshals dragged him out. After that all the members of the opposition party walked out.

Earlier, Daimary repeatedly asked Huda to ask his side question about his basic question about the election of cooperative societies, instead of making a lengthy statement.

“Sir, I’m trying to explain the problem,” Huda said.

The Speaker replied that do not explain, ask questions.

As Huda continued to explain in response to his query, Daimary went to Congress MLA Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha to ask another supplementary question.

Purkayastha urged the speaker to allow Huda to ask questions, but Daimary did not accept his appeal.

Angered by this, Huda started shouting against the Speaker, after which the Congress MLA was suspended from the House for Question Hour.

Huda then went to the well from where the marshals dragged him out of the house.

After that all the members of the Congress Assembly walked out.

At the end of Question Hour, the Speaker revoked the suspension and all members of Congress, including Huda , entered the House for the rest of the day’s proceedings.

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