Congress ‘misrule’ pushes Karbi Anglong into ‘darkness’: Sonowal


Guwahati: AYUSH Union Minister Sarbanand Sonowal was addressing an election rally at Melo Bazaar in West Karbi Angling ahead of the Kirby Englong Independent Council (KAAC) elections. Former Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Monday mocked past Congress governments, accusing them of “ignoring Karbi Anglong and pushing the region into darkness”.

Addressing an election rally at Melo Market in West Karbi Angling ahead of Wednesday’s Karbi Angling Independent Council (KAAC) elections, the Union Minister said: Not paid attention. ”

Criticizing the opposition party for its “failures in the region”, Sonowal accused the Congress government of “corruption and misrule that has plunged the region into darkness. It has failed to bring peace or control violence in the region.” ۔

The Union Minister had on Monday campaigned for Pawan Kumar and Reena Terangpi , who are contesting from Kopili and Amreng constituencies in West Kirby England, respectively.
“But now, under the BJP regime, a new era of peace has begun with the Kirby Anglong Peace Accord. I have joined, “said the Union Minister.

“People now know that we, unlike the Congress, have a sincere intention to bring peace and prosperity to the region, which has completely failed to meet the expectations of the people of Karbi Anglong. I am sure that Will have enough reason to return to power with a heavy mandate, “said Sonowal.
He called on the people of Karbi Anglong to give a resounding victory to the BJP-led coalition in the KAAC elections.

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