Congress chief slammed BJP govt for halting Naga political issue

Congress chief slammed BJP govt for halting Naga political issue

Kohima: Nagaland Congress president S. Supongmeren Jamir has accused the BJP-led central government of blocking the resolution of the Naga political issue.
Jameer said that the BJP government at the center stopped the progress of the Naga peace process despite having two agreements.
Nagaland Congress president S. Supongmeren Jamir cited the absence of opposition in the state assembly as the reason for the delay in resolving the Naga political issue.
He emphasized that without representation to advocate the interests of Nagas, justice remains lacking as decisions are influenced by BJP directives.
He expressed concern over the current situation in the state, where promises of employment, schemes and opportunities for entrepreneurs have not been fulfilled, depriving the common man of their rightful benefits.
Emphasizing the historical significance of Nagaland, Jamir emphasized the importance of raising voice for equality and justice.
The Congress has accused the central government of adopting a divide-and-rule strategy in the border Nagaland issue.
Speaking on the issue of Frontier Nagaland, Nagaland Congress President S. Supongmeren Jamir emphasized the legitimacy of the demands of the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO).
The Nagaland Congress chief noted that ENPO is looking for what the Government of India (GOI) has promised them.
According to Jamir, ENPO has every right to express its dissatisfaction, and he criticized the BJP-led central government for taking misleading steps.
“We must show the GoI that the Nagas cannot be deceived by their tactics. As citizens, we continue to uphold truth and unity,” said Nagaland Congress president S. Supongmeren Jamir.
It may be mentioned here that Nagaland Congress President S. Supongmeren Jamir is also the expected candidate of the grand old party for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
He said that the Congress party is ready to fight for Nagaland.
“We are fully committed to advocate for our state. Our voters have high expectations, and we intend to fulfill them. They will vote for secularism,” the Nagaland Congress president confirmed on Monday.
The Congress leader further alleged that the Modi-led BJP government at the Center has obstructed the efforts of the 60 elected members of the Nagaland Assembly, including 12 from the BJP, to deliver justice to the people of the state.

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