Compact solution is needed in HNLC peace process, MP Pala said

Compact solution is needed in HNLC peace process, MP Pala said

Shillong: Shillong MP and Congress leader, Vincent H. Pala has expressed doubts about the Meghalaya government’s commitment to the ongoing peace process with the revolutionary Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC).
He urged the government to take concrete steps to stop the alleged new recruitments by the organization and bring back the members currently living outside the country.
Pala stressed the need for all stakeholders including the central government, state government and HNLC to show real seriousness for the success of the peace process.
He even suggested the inclusion of former HNLC chairman and ex-Mawhati legislator Julius Dorphang in efforts to achieve lasting peace.

However, Dorphang’s past involvement in a criminal case involving the rape of a minor girl raises concerns about his suitability for such a role.

Pala criticized the government’s approach, stating, “I personally feel that the government is trying, but not very serious in doing it.”

He highlighted the longstanding nature of the HNLC issue, which has persisted for decades despite multiple attempts at resolution.

He further pointed out the prevalence of similar issues in Nagaland, Assam, and other northeastern states, suggesting a broader lack of seriousness from the central government regarding the region’s problems.

Pala stressed the need to address the root causes of militancy and insurgency to prevent the emergence of new groups despite existing agreements with existing ones.

While acknowledging the HNLC’s demand for amnesty as a potential facilitator for progress, Pala acknowledged the legal complexities involved.

He cited the example of a ULFA leader who served as an MP twice and an HNLC leader who held ministerial positions, suggesting that controlling cadres could provide a workable solution if necessary legal and political hurdles can be overcome.

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