Colors of Nagaland: The 2-day celebration of World Art Day 2022 begins


Kohima: Ahead of World Art Day 2022, art festivals kicked off in Nagaland on Tuesday as artists from across the state gathered to celebrate and promote art and local artists.
Every year on April 15, World Art Day is celebrated to strengthen the link between artistic creations and society, to encourage greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expression, and to highlight the contribution of artists to sustainable development. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

As a Christian-majority state, Nagaland also celebrates Good Friday, which coincides with World Art Day (WAD) this year. Good Friday, the Friday before Easter, is a Christian holy day commemorating Jesus’ crucifixion and death in Calvary.

For WAD in Nagaland, artists from across the state – professionals and amateurs alike – gathered at the Old NST Walking Plaza in the heart of Kohima Town for a two-day art festival featuring art exhibitions, competitions, exhibitions, professionals. An interactive session was held between And amateur artists.

“Art is life and in life we have to celebrate colors. Art is the expression of life and society. Therefore, it is important that we create such an event to highlight art and its role in our lives.” Miro added.

When he started sketching a Somi Naga girl on his canvas, he said, “Art is very interesting to me. When I draw something, it gives me peace of mind. I am scaring a Somi Naga girl. When I’m at sketching, I can consider adding some color to my art today. ”

Art and drama educationist Cynthia Kolakhe also explained what art means to her.

“When it comes to art, that’s all there is to it. I can see art everywhere from a blank canvas. Celebrating a day like this is deep for me – it’s a connection I make with artists and Nagaland. I look forward to seeing the growing number of visual artists, “he shared.

He said that the event was being organized under the theme “Colors of Nagaland”. Sharing the idea behind engaging children, he said, “They are the future and we want to promote art, teach them the basics, and hopefully they will learn a lot.”

The senior artist added, “In the early days, there was music and art was not included in the beginning. But with the advent of TaFMA, we are seeing the development of art. Together, I am confident that art will flourish in Nagaland. “

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