COCOMI: Talks with immigrant Kuki SoO militants is totally illegal

COCOMI: Talks with immigrant Kuki SoO militants is totally illegal

The Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) has strongly criticized the recent steps taken by the Government of India to engage in talks with the umbrella organization of immigrant Chin Kuki Narco Terrorists, known as KNO and UPF, on August 17, 2023.

The ongoing dialogue between the Indian Government and Kuki SoO (Suspension of Operations) militants, led by individuals primarily identified as Myanmar citizens, has drawn condemnation from COCOMI.

The organization deems this interaction as illegal and urges the Union Government to refrain from engaging in talks with such individuals. COCOMI asserts that conclusions drawn from discussions with these immigrants should not be considered valid according to the rule of the land.

Furthermore, COCOMI strongly appeals to the Union Government not to accord equal treatment to foreign nationals on par with the original citizens of India.

COCOMI’s criticism centers around the belief that the Government of India’s actions are not only flawed but also unacceptable to the people of Manipur. The organization questions the rationale behind involving illegal immigrants associated with Chin Kuki Narco Terrorists in India’s geopolitical and security strategy, particularly at the expense of mistrusting its own indigenous citizens.

COCOMI emphasizes that the citizens of Manipur should not be used as a pawn in hidden agendas concerning Chin Kuki immigrants.

The proposed talks with foreign SoO militants have heightened tension among the original citizens of Manipur, who are already grappling with displacement and property destruction. Buffer zones, designated as a security measure, have been established within Meitei-inhabited areas, effectively restricting the entry of Meitei villagers into their own homes. COCOMI expresses concerns that if the state government fails to address this issue promptly, it will take action to protect the rights of displaced individuals.

Additionally, the planned discussions between the Government of India and SoO Chin Kuki Narco Terrorists mark the second round of talks since July 26, 2023. During the previous dialogue, these militants called for a separate administration, a demand vehemently opposed by the people of Manipur.

The history of the issue includes instances like the outbreak of external aggression from Chin Kuki Narco terrorists that led to attacks and the burning down of Meitei settlements in different regions.

COCOMI points out that the Assam Rifles had previously entered into a SoO agreement with KNO and UPF, both led by Myanmar immigrants, in 2005. This agreement, signed without significant conflicts or casualties, raises questions about hidden agendas encouraging Chin Kuki Narco Terrorists to perpetrate atrocities and killings of Indian citizens.

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