CM Sarma: Entire census in the northeast changed by Rohingyas

CM Sarma: Entire census in the northeast changed by Rohingyas

Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on September 15 stated that there should be a robust mechanism to identify illegal immigrants particularly in states like Bihar, West Bengal and Assam.

As the illegal infiltration of immigrants such as Rohingyas is changing the demography in the states.

Speaking to the media while on a visit to Nalanda in Bihar said, “This is our biggest problem in our nation today. Lot of Rohingyas are coming or trying to infiltrate into India every day.

And we have seen large scale of inflation in West Bengal, Bihar and Assam. today demography is fast changing in those regions, we are sufferer of changing demography. I think this is a problem we have to take head-on.

That is why, I personally feel that national regiter of citizenship at some point of time will be necessary but we are always the sufferer and victims of demographic invasion.

I feel NRC should be implemented in regions like Assam, Bengal and Bihar and identify illegal infiltration. Identifying illegal immigrants is very important.

Or else the demography of entire eastern side will change completely”.

CM Sarma has raised concerns over the changing demographic statistics of the eastern states and felt that the National Register of Citizenship (NRC) should be implemented in all these states including Assam to identify the illegal immigrants.

Additionally, while speaking on banning polygamy in the state and implementation of Uniform Civil Code, CM Sarma said, “There is Uttarakhand government and Gujarat government is deliberating on UCC. They are in advanced stages.

And I think if it is placed in those Assemblies, definitely we will learn from them. National UCC I dont know what is Government of India’s decision.

But in Assam in December we are bringing a bill to ban polygamy in the state. Already public consultation has taken place.

We have examined the legality, drafting is going on. By December we will pass the Bill, banning polygamy completely”.

The Chief Minister of Assam has announced that the bill on polygamy will be passed in the Assam Legislative Assembly in the month of December and that a stricter law will be implemented to arrest the social malaise.

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