CM Manik Saha Voting for BJP means ensuring development

CM Manik Saha Voting for BJP means ensuring development

In the lead-up to the upcoming by-election, the opposition political party has suffered a significant setback, as five influential leaders joined BJP in the presence of Tripura Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha on August 22 in Boxanagar Assembly Constituency of Tripura’s Sepahijala District whereby Election slated to be held on September 05.

Chief Minister Dr. Saha visited Boxanagar to participate in various programs, including the Organizational program of Boxanagar Mandal, Kalsimura, and a courtyard meeting.

While addressing karyakartas, Dr. Saha emphasized the values of the BJP, stating, “BJP signifies good governance, BJP signifies development.

Casting votes in favor of those who have perpetuated violence and mismanagement in this state for 35 years equates to endorsing corruption, murder, and terrorism. On the other hand, voting for BJP means ensuring development and good governance”.

Dr. Saha today also held door-to-door campaigning in booths No. 18 and 19, in support of Tofazzal Hussain, the BJP’s nominated candidate for the Boxanagar Assembly Constituency by-election.

Expressing confidence in the public’s response, Dr. Saha said, “Witnessing the spontaneous enthusiasm of the people, I am confident that the BJP will secure victory in this assembly election with overwhelming public support.”

During his visit, today several leaders from the Trinamool Congress and CPIM joined the BJP.

“Motivated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Seva, Sushasan, and Garib Kalyan several Trinamool and CPIM leaders joined BJP”, he added.

The prominent leaders who joined the BJP are Joydal Hossain (TMC candidate and Block President), Minakshi Begum (TMC Block Women Committee Chairperson), Joynal Hossain (TMC Block Minority Cell President), Zakir Hossain (Congress District Committee Secretary), and Sharik Ahmed (CPM Youth Leader).

“The nation’s security apparatus has been fortified during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure. Through a transformation in the political landscape, PM Modi has prioritized the holistic well-being of citizens. Our state has also reaped the benefits of this approach. I

t is imperative that we sustain this trajectory of development under PM Modi’s leadership”, Dr Saha added.

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