Climate change, poor planning: Decoding Assam’s mounting flood ferocity

Climate change, poor planning: Decoding Assam’s mounting flood ferocity

Climate change, poor planning: Decoding Assam’s mounting flood ferocity. Every year, around this time, life in Assam comes to a complete standstill, with continuous rains. Due to heavy rain consequent landslides and floods, the severity of which is increasing, causing loss of life and property.
Experts point out that the floods in the two river basins of Brahmaputra and Barak have occurred long ago, but the extraordinary catastrophe that has been witnessed in recent years is mainly due to poor flood control measures, population pressure, waterlogging. Reservoir shrinkage, irregular constructions and irregular constructions can be termed variable development strategies.

Environmental scientist Dr Partha Jyoti Das told PTI that the catastrophic floods in May and June have taken their toll this time around. If we compared to the previous few years, and in the early monsoon floods. The damage is not so great recent Memory.
Rising population and construction in flood-hit areas are some of the reasons behind the growing damage in the state. In many places, the collapse of embankments has caused widespread destruction. In addition, repeated floods give people little time to protect their lives and property, he explained.
Environmentalists say flood forecasts and early warnings sometimes fail to reach vulnerable populations, leaving them no room for preparedness.
Drainage congestion in low-lying areas, which is the result of rapidly changing land use practices, rapid urbanization and the expansion of human habitation at the expense of natural waterways, has also exacerbated the flood situation.
According to a spokesperson of the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA). The current flood wave, which is still raging in the northeastern state, has claimed 174 lives and spread over 2,35,845.74 hectares. Crops have been damaged and 9 million people have been affected. )۔

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