Citing a lack of proof, KSO denounces Swarajya article on Meiteis

Citing a lack of proof, KSO denounces Swarajya article on Meiteis

Imphal: The Kuki Students’ Organisation General Headquarters (KSO-GHQ) has unleashed a barrage of criticism against a recent article published by Swarajya, characterizing it as a grave distortion of facts concerning the plight of Meiteis in Manipur.

The KSO-GHQ has accused Swarajya of propagating a biased narrative contending that the contents of the article not only mislead but also sow discord among communities.

Dismissing allegations of systematic disenfranchisement of Meiteis by Kuki organizations, the top student body of the Kuki community refuted claims of obstructing democratic rights, citing a lack of evidence to substantiate such accusations.

Furthermore, the KSO-GHQ contested the portrayal of Meiteis enduring dire conditions in relief camps due to alleged persecution by Kukis, denouncing it as a fabrication aimed at maliciously tarnishing the image of the Kuki community.

Calling for journalistic integrity to prevail, the KSO-GHQ implored media outlets to uphold the principles of responsible reporting. They urged Swarajya and others to retract the article and issue a public apology for perpetuating falsehoods.

Stating the imperative of addressing communal tensions with sensitivity and accuracy, the KSO-GHQ warned against the peril of sensationalizing isolated incidents, which only serve to deepen divisions within society.

In a clarion call to media outlets, the KSO-GHQ urged them to exercise caution in their coverage, ensuring that narratives are grounded in truth and foster harmony rather than discord among communities.

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