Charges of Lucy Marem murder, Arambai Tenggol condemned

Charges of Lucy Marem murder, Arambai Tenggol condemned

Imphal: At the very beginning of the Manipur unrest, Arambai Tenggol condemned the July 17 killing of Naga woman Lucy Marem in the state’s Chandel district.
Furthermore, Arambai does not attribute the killing of Lucy Marem to the activities of Arambai Tenggol.
In a press statement, Arambais said that Arambai Tenggol aims to save the future of all local people of Manipur and that they are never irresponsible psychopaths as portrayed by some groups.
“The charge leveled against Arambai Tenggol for the murder of Lucy Marem D/O Thoukhal Marem of Narum village, Pallel by some top Naga bodies is indeed very unfortunate. Charges are not expected.” Added the release.
The Arambais further claim that there is a possibility of a deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of Arambai Tenggol and make them a scapegoat.
The release said, “Every crime committed during this unfortunate period in Manipur should not be blamed on Arambai Tenggol alone. We are just a small group of reasonable youths who want to protect the culture and identity of our motherland.” are committed to.”
Further, Arambai Tenggol will not be held responsible for any illegal activities committed but the individual/s concerned and not the group, as mentioned in the release.
Arambai Tenggol has also appealed to the brothers and sisters of Manipur to understand who is our relative and blood relation and not to take any action which may be regretted later.

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