Celebrations are taking place after the repeal of the law targeting hawkers in Meghalaya.


Shillong: Street vendors in Meghalaya celebrated their victory following the Meghalaya High Court’s announcement that the state government would repeal the existing Meghalaya Street Vendors (Provision of Protection and Livelihood Vending Act) Act 2014 and make the Central Convention on Street Weddings Will follow the law

The Meghalaya and Greater Shillong Progressive Hawkers and Street Vendors Association, led by Thama Yu Rangli-jockey leader Angela Rangad, said it was a victory for the hawkers and the people of the state.He recalled that the association came into being six years ago because of discrimination and oppression against the working class. “Since 2015, there has been a massive illegal eviction of hawkers. There was a lot of illegal activity. When they confiscated goods, they were not returned,” Rangad recalled.

He added that while the Hawkers were busy assembling, the government illegally introduced a law when there was already a central law on Hawking.
Expressing happiness over the High Court order, Rangad said that he has been pushing for repeal of the law, and finally, he is celebrating.

“Yesterday in the Meghalaya High Court, the Advocate General asked the High Court that the government should repeal the State Act, and this is a great victory for the hawkers and citizens of the state,” Rangad said.
The TUR leader added that this victory belongs to the women, the local people and the working class who are coming together.

More than 70% of the members of the Meghalaya and Greater Shillong Progressive Hawkers and Street Vendors Association are prominent Jaintia women who are working by hand and trying to support their families.

He further said that he would keep a close watch on the formation of Town Vending Committee.

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