By-poll results rejected by Opposition parties termed it ‘Mockery’

By-poll results rejected by Opposition parties termed it 'Mockery'

Agartala: After the declaration of by-election results on September 9, Tripura’s opposition political parties including CPIM and Congress rejected the result stating that the polls were massively rigged and thus didn’t reflect the voice of electorates.

In a statement, the Tripura Left Front committee said from the results of the bye-elections to two Assembly seats in 20- Boxanagar and 23-Dhanpur Assembly constituencies as published by the Chief Electoral Officer.

Tripura indisputably vindicated the allegation of the Left Front that, the election in both the constituencies was totally rigged and reduced to a mockery of democracy in the name of elections.

“Immediately after the poll, witnessing the widespread capture of polling booths by the BJP followers mobilized from outside who resorted to rampant manipulations in most of the polling booths in front of the electoral staff and police.

The Tripura Left Front Committee raised a demand to countermand the election and arrange a fresh poll in both the constituencies. But the Election Commission of India did not pay cognizance to this genuine demand”, it said.

It further reads that the results show that, the BJP candidates in Boxanagar and Dhanpur have won the election securing 89% and 71% of total polled votes respectively.

“In the history of the state election, Except Dasaratha Deb in Ramchandraghat Assembly seat, there is no record of any candidate getting such a high percentage of the vote in any genuine election.

In the general election held in February this year, the CPI(M) won in Boxanagar and lost Dhanpur with a marginal difference in the triangular contest.

Within six months, nothing happened in the state political scenario that may have led shifting of such a huge number of voters toward the ruling party.

Rather, during this period discontent of the masses has escalated over the performance of the government to address the crisis of livelihood of the people and that in other sectors.

This is a manufactured verdict managed by the ruling party with the help of a section of police and civil administration in league with the Election Department”, it reads.

The Tripura Left Front Committee is confident that the democratic and peace-minded people of Tripura would outright reject the results and intensify their struggle for the restoration of democracy in the days to come.

While the Pradesh Congress Committee president, Asish Kumar Saha, stated that the opposition CPIM needed to strengthen their position in the by-elections and unite the people, he also mentioned that CPIM boycotted the counting due to alleged election rigging.

He emphasized that as long as the BJP remains in power, people’s rights will continue to be violated, and elections will be organized in a farcical manner.

He stated that the BJP relies on their financial resources and influence to secure victories. However, disregarding and disrespecting public opinion in this way will have negative consequences for the future.

Saha asserted that the citizens of the country do not support the BJP, and their popularity is diminishing day by day.

He confidently predicted that the BJP will face defeat in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, with the India alliance emerging victorious.”

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