Brutal murder of young businessman, Protest erupts in Bokakhat

Brutal murder of young businessman, Protest erupts in Bokakhat

Guwahati: Residents of Assam’s Kakochang expressed grief over the tragic loss of a young member of their community following a brutal murder.
A local resident expressed deep sorrow, highlighted the strong bond between the people of Kakochang and demanded immediate action from the administration to nab those responsible for this heinous crime.
This morning, the sentiments of anger and frustration were bold and residents gathered to stage a protest outside the Bokhat police station.
They demanded the authorities to take immediate action to arrest those responsible for the brutal murder.
“We all live together as brothers and sisters in Kakochang, and it is very sad news that our young brother has been killed.
We demand the administration to take immediate action otherwise we will be forced to take action. It is very sad that a young boy has been brutally murdered, and we cannot tolerate it at all.
We stand in solidarity with our Karbi brothers and always will. If necessary, we will protest,” declared the resident.

The victim, identified as young businessman Royal Ronghang met a tragic end last night on Naharjan Kakojan Road near the border of Karbi Anglong and Golaghat district. Royal was ambushed by unidentified miscreants inside his Suzuki car, where he was fatally attacked by having his throat slit.

The incident occurred while Royal was en route from Bokakhat Nagar to his home in Kakosang, adding to the shock and dismay felt by the community. As the investigation led by Bokakhat police progresses, the community remains resolute in their demand for justice, refusing to rest until the perpetrators are brought to account for their actions.

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