Brinda Karat accuses BJP and RSS for Manipur violence

Brinda Karat accuses BJP and RSS for Manipur violence

Indian Marxist politician Brinda Karat on August 10 launched a scathing attack on the N. Biren Singh-led BJP Government in Manipur, accusing it of transforming the once serene “Beautiful Manipur” into a state of “Mayhem Manipur.”

During her visit to the strife-torn region, the 76-year-old former Rajya Sabha member was part of a three-member team from the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) that assessed the ongoing situation in Manipur.

Brinda Karat, the first woman to serve in the CPI(M) Politburo, minced no words in criticizing the state government’s handling of the situation. She pointed out that the widespread mayhem in Manipur is a result of the Chief Minister’s role and the state government’s actions.

Karat, who played a pivotal role in reshaping rape laws in India, lambasted Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh for his divisive and partisan approach, especially considering his responsibility to serve all of Manipur’s citizens.

“Our visit is to stand in solidarity, offer support, and comprehend the unfortunate politics prevailing in this significant part of India, where the BJP and RSS have converted a beautiful state into utter chaos,” declared Brinda Karat.

Addressing a question about resolving the prolonged violence, Karat asserted that a leader responsible for the state’s deterioration has no right to remain in power. Therefore, she emphasized that the immediate removal of the Chief Minister is a prerequisite for any political solution.

She also highlighted the necessity of restoring the people’s confidence, particularly in tribal areas, to bring peace and normalcy back to Manipur.

Furthermore, Karat highlighted the diminishing autonomy in tribal areas across the northeastern states, despite their promises of self-governance. She criticized the exploitation of forest land in Manipur’s hill areas, where tribal communities have lost their legal and constitutional rights.

The former Rajya Sabha MP stressed that these issues must be urgently addressed to restore harmony and rights to Manipur’s tribal populations.

Brinda Karat’s visit was part of AIDWA’s efforts to assess the situation firsthand and provide support to the victims of violence, including survivors of sexual assault and their families. The association extended financial aid to the victims and their families, along with visits to relief camps to assess the ongoing challenges.

In the wake of recent videos depicting heinous acts of brutality, AIDWA’s General Secretary, Mariam Dhawale, expressed outrage at the perpetrators’ audacity and called for stringent action to protect women’s dignity and rights. She underlined the need for immediate interventions in food security and health services in Manipur to alleviate the crisis.

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