Booth capturing and violence in East Kameng, polling disrupted

Booth capturing and violence in East Kameng, polling disrupted

Itanagar: In a disturbing turn of events, violence and booth capture have marred the election process in Bameng constituency of East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh.
The incident took place in the areas of Sario, Saria, Langchu and Dao, where GPC’s Shri Dungro Saria was allegedly badly beaten up by two former members of Anchal Samiti (ASM) Shri Doba Lamnio and Shri Tame Saria.
The assailants, allegedly accompanied by unidentified gunmen, gathered at the 40-Sario polling station, preventing voters from casting their ballots.

Reports suggest that hundreds of people from different constituencies were brought in by Shri Doba Lamnio, exacerbating the chaotic situation. Eyewitnesses claim that the booth was captured, and no individuals were allowed to exercise their voting rights.

Additionally, voters were allegedly blocked at the Wagin River point, with armed individuals threatening them, under the orders of Shri Sime Lamnio, the GB.

The situation escalated further with reports of unidentified persons adding to the turmoil. These incidents have sparked concerns over the integrity of the electoral process and the safety of voters and election personnel.

In response to these events, a complaint letter has been submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. The letter, requesting a re-poll of the 22/24 Soki polling station, details a violent altercation at the polling station, where BJP supporters, led by individuals named in the complaint, allegedly resorted to physical violence and booth capturing.

The complainant, referencing video evidence of the incident, highlights the use of lethal weapons and the obstruction of election officials and police from entering the polling booth. The complaint underscores the gravity of the situation, calling for immediate action to uphold the principles of free and fair elections.

Authorities are yet to confirm the allegations or respond to the request for a re-poll, raising concerns over the credibility of the electoral process and the need for swift intervention to address these issues.

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