Bodoland lottery live results of 28 March draw: Check here

Bodoland lottery live results of 28 March draw: Check here

Did you participate in the Assam Bodoland Lottery Result 28 March 2024 draw? If so, it’s time to check your tickets! The official results are now available online, and you can easily access the results here:
Remember, Bodoland Lottery Results operates under the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) headquartered in Kokrajhar, Assam.
Bodoland lottery in Assam attracts a large number of participants every day, making it a popular choice in the region.
So, if you’ve participated and haven’t checked your ticket yet, do it now! You never know, you might have the key to a life-changing win.
Rules and regulations apply here, so be sure to double-check the Bodoland Lottery official website for any specific details on claiming prizes or eligibility criteria.

Check Winners List here :

Before buying your Bodoland Lottery ticket, it’s important to check the current prize money structure. This helps you manage your expectations and set a budget for your participation. Right now, the top prize is Rs.1,00,000, followed by Rs.8,000 for second place, Rs.5,500 for fifth place, and Rs.200 for eighth place. You can find the complete prize breakdown on the official Bodoland Lottery website before making your purchase. Remember, playing responsibly is key!

If luck is on your side and you hold a winning ticket, don’t delay claiming your prize! Winners of Bodoland Lottery have only 30 days from the announcement of results to submit their claims. Don’t miss out on your chance to celebrate!

The official website of Bodoland Lottery provides results for past and present draws besides offering valuable information for potential and current players. You can find details about different lottery games, ticket purchasing options, and even past result archives.

Disclaimer: It’s important to remember that gambling can be addictive and should always be approached responsibly. If you or someone you know has concerns about gambling habits, please seek help from professional organizations.

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