Based on Assam anti-war film ‘Victor One’ release on small screen

Based on Assam anti-war film 'Victor One' release on small screen

Guwahati (Assam): Victor One, a 32-minute short film set against the backdrop of the growing threat of biological weapons with an anti-war message, will be released on OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar within the next two months. The producer said on Sunday.

Produced by Shaktee Singh, Lalit Vashista and Saurabh Arora, the film revolves around a group captain of the Indian Air Force, stationed at the Tezpur base in Assam, and a troubled microbiologist who tries to develop an antidote to bio-weapons.
“World history shows how superpowers used biological warfare to destroy smaller and weaker countries. Hitler tried to develop bioweapons during WW-II, while Japan applied them to China. Singh told PTI.

Singh, who played the protagonist Group Captain Ashok Verma, also cited the example of the US-Vietnam War during which the Western superpower rained artificial chemical rain, and used it on the people of the Asian nation.
These instances are mentioned in the film and we tried to convey the message that war will take us nowhere and the human race will one day become extinct. A war driven by power and greed is of no use to the common man. Peace will never come this way,” said Singh.

The film also emphasized China’s reported efforts to develop bioweapons loaded with various deadly viruses.

The microbiologist, who was developing an antidote, was admitted to a sanatorium in Jorhat, Assam, but was killed by those opposed to his research.
Dinpaal Ganguly played the role of a microbiologist. Asked why he chose a soldier to deliver the anti-war message, popular Bollywood voice-over artiste Singh said army men are never interested in waging war but are pushed towards wars by rulers.
“They don’t know anyone on the border, but still kill each other. Those who know political enemies sit at a safe distance and use the war to their advantage.
Singh said that ‘Vector One’ is now traveling to various festivals and will be released on OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar during February-March.
The original story of the film revolves around retired IAF Group Captain Ashok K Chordia, who was once associated with the Tezpur Air Force School.

Directed by debutant Shivani Singh, ‘Victor One’ was screened at the Official Selection of 13th Indian Film Festival of Ireland 2022, 11th Aarogya Film Festival 2022 and First Time Sessions Filmmaker 2022.

Shivani Singh and Shaktee Singh also won the Best Director and Best Actor awards respectively at the Global Creative Arts and Film Festival 2022.

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