Bangladesh power bill mounts in the midst of plan to supersize swelled limit


The nation’s complete introduced limit — the joined result of all its power plants working at full limit — is 22,031 megawatts, while absolute interest for power in the nation is only 13,792 MW.

An overabundance of power creating limit implies Bangladesh is paying countless dollars in impetuses to drive makers that aren’t producing any power, as indicated by an administration report.

The nation’s all out introduced limit — the consolidated result of all its power plants working at full limit — is 22,031 megawatts, while all out interest for power in the nation is only 13,792 MW. That is as per the Bangladesh Power Development Board’s (BPDB) 2020-21 yearly report, and puts the country’s power overcapacity at almost 60%.

Under the particulars of its different concurrences with power makers, the public authority pays the last option what’s known as a limit charge, intended to guarantee power is generally accessible on draft, regardless of whether it implies paying them to stay inactive. For the 2020-21 financial year, the limit charge paid to 37 private power makers added up to what might be compared to $1.35 billion, the BPBD report says.

During a similar period, the public authority additionally paid out what might be compared to $1.39 billion in endowments to state-possessed power utilities, the report says.

These figures make the public authority’s arrangements to keep adding limit “ludicrous,” says Hasan Mehedi, secretary-general of the Bangladesh Working Group on External Debt, a gathering of NGOs and activists. Mehedi adds the genuine overcapacity is more than the gauge, as power utilization declines throughout the cold weather months (to around 8,000 MW, as per the BPBD report).

More tasks, more monetary strain
The Bangladesh government is leaving on a few enormous scope power projects, including building seven coal-terminated plants with absolute limit of 6,830 MW. A 1,200 MW thermal energy station is likewise being fabricated, expected to go online by 2025, and a second is getting looked at. Furthermore, eight limited scope gas and condensed flammable gas plants, with all out limit of 1,609 MW, are presently under development. What’s more, five huge scope gas plants, with limit of 8,750MW, are in the arranging stage.

Different undertakings incorporate a 500 MW sun oriented ranch, a 1 MW biomass plant running on metropolitan strong waste, and four breeze ranches. Through and through, they will help Bangladesh’s absolute introduced ability to 40,000 MW by 2030, as per the Bangladesh Power Division.

Assuming the creating limit proceeds to increment, and homegrown interest neglects to keep pace, the public authority ought to reexamine its arrangements to stay away from the common monetary misfortune, Khan said, adding that the limit charges and sponsorships represent a gigantic weight on the nation’s economy.

Mohammad Hossain, chief general of the Bangladesh Power Division’s specialized arm, let nearby media know that the country’s overcapacity is “not outlandish” in light of the fact that it permits Bangladesh to pick better various wellsprings of energy relying upon cost. He additionally safeguarded the limit charge as a method for guaranteeing that private power makers get a profit from their speculation.

Blackouts in the midst of an excess of force
As per a 2020 report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), up to 57% of introduced limit in Bangladesh went unused in the 2018-19 monetary year.

“Critical limit installments to sit power plants are assisting drive the requirement for expanding government appropriations to the Power Development With boarding to cover its monetary misfortunes,” the IEEFA said in a proclamation, adding that the new activities in the pipeline would add to the monetary tension.

“A drawn out change from modest homegrown gas towards more costly imported coal and melted flammable gas (LNG), joined with the extreme, long haul power overcapacity Bangladesh is on course for, is probably going to see government endowments keep on rising,” concentrate on creator and IEEFA energy finance examiner Simon Nicholas said in the explanation.

For energy onlookers in the country, the incongruity of the power overabundance is that Bangladesh keeps on experiencing incessant blackouts and fluctuating voltages.

The whole populace of around 180 million is associated with the lattice, as indicated by the Bangladesh Power Division, yet the power transmission foundation can’t necessarily keep up. Lacking transmission and dispersion lines lead to the blackouts and inconsistent voltages, with numerous ventures not getting their power from the matrix hence.

Mehedi, from the functioning gathering on obligation, says the public authority ought to grow the transmission and dissemination organizations to adapt to the power age limit.

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