The Bangladesh court will hear the case of seizure of 10 truckloads of weapons from ULFA on October 18

The Bangladesh court will hear the case of seizure of 10 truckloads of weapons from ULFA on October 18

Kolkata: Reference to ULFA for smuggling of 10 trucks loaded with weapons at Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Limited (CUFL) jetty and death.

A bench comprising Justice Shahidul Karim and Justice Fatima Najib of the Bangladesh High Court on Wednesday fixed the hearing of the case on October 18.

The Supreme Court and High Court Bench of Bangladesh have fixed a date for hearing the death reference and appeal in the case of smuggling of 10 trucks loaded with arms at the CUFL jetty in Chittagong.
10 truckloads weapons full of weapons were seized on April 2, 2004 during the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-Jamaat coalition government in the presence of Paresh Barua, head of the ULFA’s military wing, despite suspected attempts by some “influential circles” to secure their passage. were done.

Jamaat leader and then Bangladesh Industry Minister Mutiur Rehman Nizami and then Minister of State for Interior Lutf-ul-Zaman Babar along with 13 others have been sentenced to death for smuggling 10 trucks loaded with arms.

The truckloads weapons were seized at the CUFL jetty near the Karnaphuli river when they were loaded with weapons to be delivered to the ULFA.
4,930 sophisticated firearms of various types, 840 rocket launchers, 300 rockets, 27020 hand grenades, 2000 grenade launching tubes, 6392 magazines and 11.41 million bullets were recovered.

A special court in Chittagong sentenced former prime minister Khaleda Zia’s son Tariq Rehman, Mutiur Rehman Nizami, Jamaat’s top leader Ali Ahsan Mujahid, Lutfuzzaman Babar and the then chief of both intelligence agencies, Brigadier General (retd) Abdul Rehman, to death. Rahim and Major General (retd) Razzaq Ul Haider Chai.
The court will also announce its verdict on Bangladesh Nationalist Party de facto chief Tariq Rehman, who has spent more than a decade evading punishment for his involvement in the August 24, 2004 grenade attack on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Lived in London. and killed 30 leaders and workers of the Bangladesh Awami League.
Inter-Services Intelligence salaried agents Tariq Zia and Lutf Zaman Babar are appealing against the death sentence in both cases.

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