Bangladesh: Cargo ship collides with ferry in Dhaka, one killed, dozens missing


Kolkata: One person was killed and more than ten were missing after a large number of cargo ships capsized on a small ferry in a river near Dhaka in Bangladesh on Sunday.

Police say about two dozen people managed to swim ashore after the MV Ruposhi-9 inland cargo carrier passed over a small ship in the Shitalakshya River southeast of Dhaka.

Footage of the sinking was broadcast by local media showing people sounding the alarm when the cargo ship collided with the ferry and jumped into a polluted waterway when the ship sank rapidly.

“We have recovered a body and 22 people are swimming safely on the shore,” a police official said.

Mia said more than 60 people were believed to be on board at the time of the accident.

District Administrator Monjurul Al Hafeez said Coast Guard personnel and divers were assisting in the rescue effort.

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