Ban on dogs meat in Kolasib district on feasts, gatherings

Ban on dogs meat in Kolasib district on feasts, gatherings

Aizawl: Kolasib District Commissioner John LT Sanga on Tuesday issued a public notice, formally banning the inclusion of dog meat in any feasts and gatherings within the district.

The decision has been taken following a request by the Mizoram State Animal Welfare Board to ban the consumption of dog meat during government functions.
The public notice was issued following a clarification issued by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary (Ah&Vety), highlighting that animals permitted for slaughter under the Mizoram Slaughter (Amendment) Act, 2020, Section (A) I do not include dogs.
The move coincides with a legislative change made in 2020, when the Mizoram National Front-led government unanimously passed the Mizoram Animal Slaughter (Amendment) Bill, 2020, which clearly stated that dogs Should not be classified as livestock.
Prior to this legislative change, Mizoram Animal Slaughter Act 2013 listed dogs as a category of livestock. The Mizoram State Animal Welfare Board had openly opposed the classification as illegal and unconstitutional.
In response to their concerns, the board threatened legal action and urged the state government to either repeal the Mizoram Animal Slaughter Act, 2013 or remove the classification of “dog” from the definition of “animal”.
In June, the Mizoram government faced criticism for its decision to more strictly enforce the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Breeding and Marketing of Dogs) Rules, 2017.
During the meeting of the Mizoram State Animal Welfare Board (MSAWB), chaired by the State Minister for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Lalrinawma, it was decided that the Mizoram Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (dog breeding and Marketing) Rule 2017 be implemented. more strictly.
Although the consumption of dog meat has been a long-standing practice in the state, the implementation of these laws will effectively ban the killing of dogs for meat and its sale and consumption.
The Aizawl Uisa Zuar Association, which represents dog meat sellers in Aizawl, strongly opposed the decision, saying that individuals should have the freedom to choose their food and the state government should respond to pressure from dog protection advocates. Should not bow before.
Notably, the Kohima bench of the Guwahati High Court had recently struck down the 2020 government notification banning the trade and sale of dog meat in Nagaland.

The notification issued by the Nagaland Chief Secretary’s office on July 4, 2020 bans commercial importation, trade in dogs, operation of dog markets, and sale of dog meat in markets and eateries.


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