At NIT Silchar student suicide results in violent clashes with police

At NIT Silchar student suicide results in violent clashes with police

Guwahati: Students of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar in Assam’s Cachar district clashed with police on Friday night during a protest following the suicide death of a fellow student in the college hostel.

Kojbaker, a student from Arunachal Pradesh, was in the third semester of the Electrical Engineering Department.

He allegedly hung himself after failing exams and being unable to clear back papers, sources said.

The student had requested the college authorities to allow him to register for the next semester, but his request was reportedly turned down.

Buker’s death sparked massive outrage among students, who alleged that the college administration was insensitive and had failed to provide him with the necessary support.

They also accused the administration of introducing new guidelines that were making it difficult for students to cope.

On Friday night, hundreds of students gathered outside the official residence of the Registrar and began protesting. The situation soon turned violent as students pelted stones and vandalized property.

Police resorted to lathi-charging to disperse the crowd.

At least 40 students were injured in the clash, and at least one police officer was also hurt. One student was arrested for inciting violence.

Buker’s post-mortem was completed on Saturday evening, and his body was handed over to his family members.

The Cachar district administration, police, and the authorities of NIT Silchar held an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the situation.

It is expected that the institute will remain closed until the situation is under control.

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