At Guwahati G20 meet up officially begin with Mr. Sonowal inagural

G20 Business summit will held in Kohima on April 5

Guwahati: The first G20 meeting in Assam began on Thursday with Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal inaugurating the two-day event, which will focus on sustainable financial solutions.

More than 100 delegates, including 95 foreign officials, including representatives of G20 countries, host countries and international organizations, have gathered in Guwahati to discuss the influential global grouping.
Sonowal during his inaugural speech said, “Today’s meeting held in the vicinity of this glorious land of Guwahati holds a special meaning for communities belonging to diverse ethnicities and cultures, socially sustainable. Living in harmony with nature through practices,” said Sonowal during her inaugural address.

The Union Minister for Shipping, Ports and Waterways said that the G20 Group is sharing the timely message of sustainable finance to maximize sustainable investment through the ‘First Sustainable Finance Working Group Meeting’ (SFWGM) in Guwahati.
“As the world grapples with the vulnerabilities of our fundamental global system that have been further exposed by COVID-19, India’s G20 presidency comes at a critical centerpiece of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. .

“This is the greatest opportunity for our nation to catalyze a fundamental mindset change and work collectively and collaboratively to benefit humanity,” he added.
The Union Minister, who hails from Assam, also highlighted the various initiatives taken by the Government of India for sustainable development in various sectors to fight the growing effects of climate change.
“There is a growing sense of urgency and call for action to put the global economy on a path to sustainable development. Without a doubt, the implementation of the SDGs is a priority for governments around the world in the face of climate change. ,” Sonowal said.

However, he stressed that financing sustainability and climate-related activities requires a lot of financial resources and investment.
“Research shows that billions and trillions of dollars need to be mobilized if we hope to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as well as the Paris Agreement targets for climate action,” Sonowal said.

Bridging this huge financial gap will require coordinated efforts between the public and private sectors and from the local to the global level, he added.
“I am confident that our presidency can empower international institutions that respond to the realities of the 21st century and direct global governance in a ‘decade of action’ to deliver the SDGs,” Sonowal said.
The social cost of not achieving the SDGs urges us to join efforts and use synergy to achieve a better world for present and future generations, he urged the group’s members.

“India’s G20 agenda promises comprehensive, ambitious, action-oriented and decisive, and human-centered globalization. Let us join together to make India’s G20 presidency a presidency of healing, harmony and hope,” ‘ said the Union Minister.
Adviser to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Geetu Joshi said that the three main agendas of the Guwahati edition of the SFWGM are mobilizing timely and adequate resources for climate finance, enabling finance for the Sustainable Development Goals, and sustainable development finance. The contribution is to increase the efficiency of the ecosystem.
MoF Adviser Chandni Raina said the G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group aims to mobilize sustainable finance to ensure global growth and stability, and promote the transition to greener, more resilient and inclusive societies and economies.

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