Assam: ULFA (I) is using social media tools to recruit youth.


DIBRUGARH: Alpha (I) is recruiting youth from Upper Assam through various social media platforms, a police official said.

Recently, many young people have joined the rebel organization after being brainwashed through various social media platforms.

According to reports, under the supervision of ULFA-I leader Aiseng Axom, the youths have joined the rebel organization.
The rebel group used a number of social media platforms to persuade young people to join the rebel group. Let’s start brainwashing them to join me, “said a police source.

Sources said that ULFA (I) has become active in Jagun area of ​​Tinsukia district and has quietly started extortion.

ULFA (I) leaders have become media pioneers and are often associated with media houses.
“Extortion activities have resumed in some parts of Upper Assam. They have targeted traders and are secretly receiving ransom,” a source said.

The Tinsukia district of Upper Assam is known as the stronghold of ULFA (I). The district borders Arunachal Pradesh and it is very easy for the rebel group to infiltrate the upper districts of Assam from Myanmar.

Sources said that ULFA (I) is targeting the unemployed youth of Upper Assam.
Recently, the deputy of the Youth Congress of Upper Assam’s Tinsukia district surprised everyone when he addressed his pregnant wife and announced in a Facebook post that he had joined the banned alpha (I).

Janardhan, 44, from Ade Nagar in the town of Sadia in Tinsukia District, wrote to his wife Reema on Facebook that he “can’t wait to see our own people being destroyed because they are helpless in their state .Our culture, our language and our identity are being systematically erased. ”

Over the past few years, it has been observed that many rebels who joined ULFA (I) have returned to the national mainstream.
Some young people who joined ULFA (I) and later returned to the mainstream still do not know why they joined the rebel group.

According to sources, ULFA (I) has also recruited several over round workers to motivate the youth to join the organization.

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