Assam: ULFA-Center pact expected on or before August 15, says Arbinda Rajkhowa

Assam: ULFA-Center pact expected on or before August 15, says Arbinda Rajkhowa

Guwahati: In a recent interview with The Times of India, United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) chairman Arabinda Rajkhwa has said that the organization expects an agreement on or before August 15 this year.

Rajkhowa said the government is yet to decide on a final announcement on the matter as there seems to be a contest over who will get the credit.

He further told The Times of India that the ball is now in their (the government’s) court.

He added that the talks resumed after two years and this time pro-negotiation leaders visited Delhi. A few rounds of talks were held in Assam with current interlocutor AK Mishra (former Special Director of the Intelligence Bureau).
While all the basic issues and demands have been discussed with the previous government representatives, Rajkhowa said the only thing left now is to sign the final agreement.
“We just want the indigenous people of Assam to get their rights and protect their rights,” he said. If this is confirmed we are ready to sign an agreement or contract.

He informed that he would not sign it if he saw any “uncertainty or uncertainty on the issues”.

He added that if the agreement is not signed, he will leave the matter to the next generation who will take it forward.
“We believe we have done enough. Many of our comrades have sacrificed their lives for Assam. When the next generation realizes this and faces the same issues we are highlighting If there are, then they will decide what to do,” he added.

He also claimed that the government seems serious about reaching a final agreement and both sides are optimistic about it.

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