Assam: Two elephants were found dead in Joypur’s Digboi

Assam: Two elephants were found dead in Joypur's Digboi

Dibrugarh: Two wild elephants were found dead in Assam’s Dibrugarh and Tinsukia districts on Saturday, officials said.

The carcasses of two elephants were recovered from Digboi and Dibrugarh forest divisions.
According to an official, the dead body of a male elephant was recovered from Gulmari area under Joypur range of Dibrugarh Forest Division on Saturday morning.

Two elephants were found dead and suspected electrocution. Forest department officials suspect that the elephant was electrocuted after coming in contact with a high-tension live wire near Skanjuri Road in Hatijoypur range.
Similarly, another elephant carcass was spotted by villagers at Bon Gaon in Poai Te Estate under Digboi Forest Division in Tin Sukia District on Saturday.

Sources said that the elephant was injured several days ago and died today during treatment.
Conflict between elephants and humans is increasing due to less forest cover. Elephants often move towards human settlements in search of food, leading to conflicts.

Devjit Moran, an ecologist, said, “Elephants entered the human settlement due to poor elephant corridors. Most of the elephant corridors were blocked due to human encroachment.”
“Bogapani Elephant Corridor has been blocked due to encroachment. Many houses have been built near the elephant corridor due to which elephants face difficulties to pass through the corridor. Golai Terminal which was earlier an elephant corridor, was also blocked,” Moran said.

He further asked who gave the permission to sell the forest land and settle the people in the area which was the passage of elephants.
“Local thugs and their trusted henchmen take over the administration and encroach on elephant corridors. Areas like Bugapani Elephant Corridor and Golai Terminal, which were earlier safe routes for elephant movement, are now closed. “The concerned department should investigate the matter and take legal action against those who were involved in selling the forest land,” said Moran.

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