Assam: Three more deaths have been reported from eating mushrooms.


Haflong: Three more people died of poisonous mushroom poisoning in Dima Hasao district while six others were hospitalized.

The deceased has been identified as 65-year-old Manik Kurmi, who died on the way to Haflong Civil Hospital on Monday, while Sujita Tamang, 26, and Suron Lama, 22, died on Tuesday.

The two men killed Tuesday were being treated at Haflong Civil Hospital.

Both were 8kg residents in Umrongso.

Nine people from three different families, returning from their work (stone quarry), collected mushrooms from a forest, cooked them at home and ate them.

The next day, his condition worsened as he began to vomit and become nauseous.

On Monday, however, six were taken to Haflong Civil Hospital in critical condition.

During the transfer, Manik Kurmi, a 65-year-old man, died on the way to hospital, while Sujita Tamang and Suron Lama died on Tuesday.

Haflong Civil Hospital superintendent Dr. Kalpana Kemprai confirmed both deaths, but Soren Lama’s death has not yet been officially announced. One of the patients at the hospital said the mushrooms they collected looked edible.

After cooking and eating it, he immediately became restless, after which he was taken to hospital for treatment.

The other victims who are being treated at Haflong Civil Hospital are Prem Bahadur Chhetri, 60, Radha Kurmi, 50, and Dima Kurmi, 22, and three others who are being treated at Umrongso , Premlal Kurmi, 24, Suraj Tamang, 36 and Maya Lama. , 45.

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