Assam Singer Bornali Kalita is winning hearts with latest peppy release


Bornali Kalita, known as the Beho Queen of Assam and the Northeast, has captured Indian TV screens and blessed the waves with her powerful music performances for almost three decades. Has once again released an amazing number for fans and music lovers. Assam

Released in April, the song is titled Xasi Thuwa Morom and is considered to be both a moving pop hip song and an inspiring melody. Written and composed by Neha Rabha, a partially blind music fan and Bornalifan, it was the latter’s love for the lyrics and composition that sealed the deal.

Now a huge hit among music fans in the Northeast, the song is enjoying hundreds of rallies on social media as the dynamic behoo music scene has once again got a beautiful addition to its adorned queen.

Considered ideal for festivals, Bhaskar Medhi and Bhupesh Saikia skill and expertise can be seen in this masterpiece. There is an even more interesting music video featuring Sumi Bora and Bedanta Prakash. The video was directed by Apuraj Gogoi and had choreographic planning and supervision by Sumi Bora.

Xasi Thuwa Morom is a clear demonstration of Bornali’s consistency and depth in the music industry. His journey is not only full of praise and accomplishments, but also a great impetus for newcomers to the industry.

Bornali was only two and a half years old when she first tried to sing. Her first recording came 18 months later at the age of 4 when she started singing on All India Radio, but it wasn’t until 1994 that she started singing professionally. To date, the playback singer has recorded over 10,000 songs.

With popular music albums including Rangdhali, Moromjan, Mina, Autography, the Bornali’s era in Jollywood – a term used for the Assamese music industry – is no less influential. One of the best singers, Bornali received his mastery of Indian classical music from Bhatkhande University and Sarbabharatiya Sangeet Parishad. He also received Sangeet Ratan from Vishwa Bhatkhande Sangeet University in Kolkata in 1994. Not surprisingly, he has made such a significant contribution to the Assamese music scene with songs in Garo, Karbi, Khasi, Bodo and many other languages.

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