Assam Rifles replacement demanded by COCOMI to Amit Shah

Assam Rifles replacement demanded by COCOMI to Amit Shah

New Delhi: The Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) convened an important meeting with Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah at his official residence in New Delhi on August 25. Discussions focused on increased security measures and the need to replace the Assam Rifles in the Manipur sector.
COCOMI, led by Coordinator Jeetendra Ningomba, stressed the urgent need to address the ongoing crisis, which not only threatens the stability of the region but also India’s national security.
During the meeting, Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah emphasized a strong stand against incursion into Manipur region. Strict measures including biometric registration with retina scan are being implemented to prevent unauthorized immigration.
The government’s commitment to secure Manipur’s borders was reiterated, aimed at allaying fears of large-scale infiltration.
Amid growing fears of separatist agendas, the Union Home Minister assured that no allowance would be made for a separate administration within Manipur. Protecting the territorial integrity of Manipur is an important objective for the government.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah appealed for peace within the state and asked COCOMI to convey this message to the people. Additionally, discussions revolved around the movement and distribution of goods within Manipur, including joint community support and plans to deploy caravans to secure highways.
COCOMI was encouraged to initiate dialogue with responsible Kuki leaders and groups, an initiative considered critical to problem solving and peace building.
After the meeting, COCOMI representatives submitted a detailed representation letter to the Union Home Minister, who subsequently forwarded it to the Union Home Secretary for further consideration on the points outlined.
In a later detailed discussion with Intelligence Bureau Director and Security Adviser Northeast Mr. AK Mishra, COCOMI presented a comprehensive analysis of the multifaceted challenges affecting Manipur. Discussions covered illegal immigration, cross-border drug terrorism, exploitation of forest resources, and SoO (suspension of operations) violations.
Officials from the Ministry of Interior acknowledged these key points and stressed the importance of immediate action and continued engagement with stakeholders to expedite the resolution of the crisis.
COCOMI’s representation highlighted the complexities of the ongoing crisis in Manipur, emphasizing the potential threats to India’s national security due to the involvement of foreign Chin-Kuki narco-terrorists and their collaboration with sectarian radical groups.
The memorandum emphasized the need for immediate control of these invaders, rehabilitation of displaced people and reopening of national highways.

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