Assam Police launches ‘Digital Literacy and Awareness’ program with Meta


Guwahati: With the aim of creating a secure online environment, META has teamed up with Assam Police to launch a ‘Digital Literacy and Awareness’ program for the state’s adolescents and youth at the Royal Global University.

The program – We Think Digital – will focus on the best practices of digital safety and provide youth with digital literacy awareness sessions, training resources, knowledge resources including self-help materials, safety videos, resources and help related to child and adult safety. Provide easy access to the guide.
With the launch of the program, Meta aims to spread awareness about the rise of cybercrime and to promote safe online behavior by equipping young people with tools and resources to deal with online harm.

The training modules will focus on all aspects of cybersecurity and the basics of digital literacy including internet browsing, cyber billing, sexual exploitation, dark net services, trolling, identity theft and more.
The function was attended by Ghanshyam Das, Secretary, IT Department, Assam and Commissioner of Police, Guwahati, Harmeet Singh. Kanishka Gowda, Founder of India Future Foundation Col. Sunil Kapila, Senior Advisor, India Future Foundation and Cybersecurity Expert; Ankita Naik, Trust and Safety Lead, FB and IG (Central, East and North East of India) were also present on the occasion.\
Speaking at the launch of the program, Harmeet Singh said, “To be safe, you need to #think. Social media is the new idiom of communication. We must navigate to be safe.” Encouraged to use social media for good and not to give it up completely because of its bad side.

He added, “Follow the good creative pages, learn and engage using social media platforms to learn creative arts and educate yourself, instead of scrolling aimlessly and getting more and more. Don’t take advantage. Assam Police is always available to report any issues or cyber crimes.
Addressing the audience in Assam, Ghanshyam Das encouraged the students to double check before sharing any information on social media platforms, whether with friends or acquaintances or strangers. Also, prevention is better than cure.

Formed on Meta’s V-Think Digital initiative, the partnership aims to train around 10,000 youth from various schools and colleges in Assam. Earlier, META has conducted similar training and programs in various schools and colleges in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Assam.

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