Assam: No trace of missing Kachhar man found 7 years ago in Gujarat


SILCHAR: The family of an Assam man who went missing in Gujarat about seven years ago has once again appealed to the police to help find him.

The missing person, Niranjan Das, hails from Deshabandhu Nagar, Thaligram under Udharbond police station in Cachar district of southern Assam.

Her family has lodged three FIRs since her disappearance, but police have been unable to locate her.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Niranjan’s parents: Monoranjan Das (father) and Surobala Das (mother) said that a man from the same village, their Das, took his youngest son (Naranjan) to Gujarat about seven years ago. When he will agree to it. A worker’s job and make a lot of money. He alleged that he had taken some other youths from his area with him to Gujarat.

He said that after reaching Gujarat, they handed over Niranjan (who was 18 years old at the time) and other youths to a man named Mohan Lal Das, a resident of Deshbandhu Nagar and settled in Gujarat.

About three months later, he and the other young men (except Niranjan ) returned to their homes, but Niranjan did not return. He alleged that when he (Niranjan parents) asked him and others about Niranjan , he did not answer.

He said that an FIR was lodged against him at the Udharbond police station a few days later, but the police did not show much interest in the matter. Despite registering an FIR, the police did not summon him even once, he alleged.
He said that another FIR was registered against him in July 2021. However, some residents, including members of a local village defense party, intervened and called a meeting at the Udharbond police station premises a few days after the case was registered. FIR

At the meeting, the locals somehow proved that they had nothing to do with Niranjan’s disappearance and alleged that they returned the FIR to Surobala (Niranjan’s mother) by marking his thumbprint on a piece of paper. Agreed to take.

He said that the third FIR was registered against Sundanin March this year, but the police did not take any action as before. He alleged that the police did not arrest him and did not make any effort to recover Naranjan.

He further appealed to Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to take up the matter with the Gujarat government and trace his son, without whom his life would have been like “hell” for years.

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